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I just love the music yall play on KJIC. You know how to make everyone happy with all the styles of music!

Jenny from Katy

I couldn't ask for anything better, KJIC is my only station! So much negativity in the world today, and it's great to hear encouraging words from the deejays, and music. All my presets are on 90.5!

Jon from Seabrook

I went through a divorce, my husband left me, and i could find comfort any where i went (bars, clubs, you name it). Ti'll one day i found 90.5, and you have been encouragement for me. I was going down a dark road, but praise the lord I've been redeemed.

Penny from Houston


The Nelons

David & The Giants

Triumphant Quartet

Reba McEntire

Jeff & Sheri Easter

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