Nearer Home

Todd Agnew

Ardent Records TA001 May 26, 2017

  • Nearer Home

    Todd Agnew

  • Glory To Our Great Redeemer

    Todd Agnew

Todd says “The song talks about ransom, redemption, adoption and more,” Our worship grows deeper as we understand more fully all God has done on our behalf.”

In one sense, From Grace to Glory: The Music of Todd Agnew is a greatest hits collection. Though Todd would be quick to clarify: “No one needs a greatest hits anymore. You can just build a playlist on iTunes. And what’s a hit song anyway? My mom likes all of them.”

But the project does function as a “best of” collection. Its cornerstones are four huge songs from his first two records: “Grace Like Rain,” “This Fragile Breath (The Thunder Song),” “In The Middle of Me,” and “My Jesus.” Added to the collection are four outstanding songs that have had great impact but were not radio hits: “Isaiah 6” (Reflection of Something), “Our Great God” with Rebecca St. James (Better Questions), “Did You Mean Me?” (Need), and “The One You Want,” co-written with Jason Ingram (How To Be Loved).

Source from Todd Agnew Website

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