Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine is your go to place to get started in the morning. Tag along with Sean & Rob as they bring you the weather, traffic, and encourage you with uplifting music, scriptures, and a daily devotion.

6:00 am

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Mission Monday

Mission Monday is an hour during Rise & Shine, when Sean and Rob highlight Local and National Ministries, and spread the word about their service. Ministries including Samaritans Purse, The Salvation Army, Prison Ministries, Charities, and many more.

8:00 am

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Afternoons with Carla

Singer, Songwriter, and Musician Carla Jones keeps you company as you wrap up your day at work.

3:00 pm

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Evenings with Rick

Enjoy an evening with Rick as he brings you the latest in the News, and shares with you scriptures and words of encouragement. Rick enjoys bringing you the best in what Christian Music Radio has to offer.

6:00 pm

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