Season 2 Starts Tomorrow

Written by on September 14, 2017

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve seen at least one Veggie Tale movie, or episode, read a book, or learned a song. Veggie Tales was just something we all grew up hearing about, Christians and non. Everybody love them, and I’ll bet to this day, you could sing the original theme song nearly perfect.

Big Idea Entertainment is releasing Season 2 of their newest series “Veggie Tales in the City.”

Here’s a line up of Season 2 on Netflix.

1. The Hottest Pepper in the West | Karate Pirate Space Posse
2. Plane vs. Train | Larry’s Baby Birdies
3. Two of a Kind | Moving to the City
4. An Ichaburger Christmas | A Christmas Play
5. Ichaburgertopia | The Truth Hurts
6. Employee Fun Day | Bacon Bill’s New House
7. Books of the Bible | Monster in the Closet
8. Arcade Showdown | The Audition
9. The Singing, Dancing Lobster | It’s Skatin’ Time
10. The Last Issue | Bob’s Great Store
11. Attack of the Marshmallow Laser | Bye, Bye, Bacon Bill

“We developed ‘VeggieTales in the City’ with our current fans in mind and we hope the new series will also excite and endear a new group of VeggieTale enthusiasts. We hope everyone joins Bob, Larry, Petunia Rhubarb, Junior, and the rest of the Veggie bunch in their new ‘VeggieTales in the City’ episodes!” says the General Manager of Big Idea Entertainment Leslie Ferrell.


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