Advertise An Event


Is there a concert, revival, church outreach, or a community event that you’re looking to promote? Radio is a great source for information! Not only would you be raising awareness of your event, but you’d be supporting this ministry as well!


Radio is one of the most affordable methods of reaching a broad local audience. We can place your produced spot in specific time slots throughout the day to reach a target audience. Social media and internet advertising is also available to really maximize exposure for your event!


KJIC is the largest Christian Country radio station in the nation and the only one in Houston! Our FM coverage area reaches over 5 million people and countless others online. What better way to advertise to the community than through a Christian radio ministry!


Houston’s radio audience ranks #6 in the nation! Which means advertising can be very expensive, $264 per spot and up! We make it affordable whether your organization is large or small. Our advertising spots start as low as $10 per spot! We will create an advertising package that stretches your budget.


In most cases we can air your pre-recorded spot. However, if you would like us to produce it, we make that available for a small production fee. We will create a script, choose a voice, select the music, select the sound effects, record the audio, and present the produced spot to you for approval. Having us produce the spot can be cost effective, making your investment worth every dollar!


Advertising on our station gives you the ability to talk directly to the community. According to Nielsen’s Audio Today 2019 report radio reaches 92% of all American adults every week which is more than TV, smartphones, and PC’s. We are a listener supported ministry, so your advertising dollars help keep us going!

Disclaimer: Only non-profit entities are allowed to advertise according to the Federal Communications Commission. We reserve the right to refuse service. Not all events submitted will be approved.

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