Advertising Or Sponsorship


FCC rules only allow non-profits to advertise.

Getting Started

So your interested or already ready to advertise, great! We are here to help you get the word out. Radio is still the number 1 source for news, music, and commercials. Let us be your go-to place for advertising.

How it works

Radio involves writing scripts, production, editing, copyrights, and then finally the on-air distribution of the commercial. We take all the guess work out, and fully produce your commercial. If you already have one that meets our requirements, then we may use yours. We know all the in’s an outs, and will make everything as smooth as possible.

Why 90.5 KJIC?

You may be asking that question, well let us answer by saying we are the only Christian Country radio station in Houston, & the largest Christian Country radio in the nation. Our coverage area reaches over 5 million people, and our responses from the community is above average. We are Christians, wanting to help fellow Christian in promotions and advertising.

KJIC is the only place I go to for advertising. They know what their doing, make it so eay to understand, and really improved my ticket sales. I recommend them to everyone.

Jason -The Tech Corp.


We know costs are always on peoples minds so we’ll make this as simple as we can. You tell us what your budget is, and we’ll create a custom campaign for you. In simple terms we ask how many times per day do you want the commercial aired. Lets say 6 times.

6 times x $30 cost = $180 per day

The $30 is how much it cost to run the commercial. You also decide how long the campaign should last. We don’t recommend anything less than 7 days.


If we are producing your commercial from scratch, we’ll require $1000 to write, produce, edit, revised, and copyrights applied. All production work is done in-house or outside sources from trusted industry voice talents. Even before we submit the commercial out, you can request details such as [young female-bright-happy voice]. Always you approve everything. Even the custom artwork designed by us for internet advertising.

On the Air

After everything is finished, you’ve approved all materials, everything is ready to go, all you’ll have to do is sit back and listen. Once the campaign is finished if you request a spin report, you may to see when your commercials played. We pray over your commercials that they reach the people who need it most.


Bronze $300 per month

It’s a great thing to support what you believe in. We would love for you to support this station with your business or ministry, and in exchange for doing so we’ll mention you on the air at least 30 times a month. Included in the sponsorship is your name, phone number, and the products or services you offer. We produce the spots for you and write all the scripts.

Silver $600 per month

When you support the work here at the station, you are become apart of something larger than yourself. You’re joining a community of fellow Christian believers. For donating six hundred a month, we’ll mention your business or ministries support at least 60 times, and include all scripts and production. In addition we’ll design custom artwork advertising for our internet streams.

Gold $900 per month

This is a big statement! Your business or ministry financially believes in what we are doing, and so you’ve jumped all the way to the top. Thank You! At least 90 times we’ll say thank you over the air, plus design custom artwork for our internet streams. God bless your business or ministry for being able to support us on this level!


If you are interested in having a short program on Christian Country Radio, please contact us Monday-Friday, 9-5 pm CST, and ask for the Sales Department.

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