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Michael English



In a culture that would rather turn a blind eye instead of pursuing something more…something different…Michael stands among the few who intentionally and passionately pursue change from the inside out. Not behavior modification…not a step-by-step program to self-improvement…but an active, daily encounter with our endlessly creative Savior. Encounters that don’t let you settle…


“Singing with her has always been a dream of mine,” says Michael.

Other songs on the record include “Stubborn” formerly recorded by Lee Ann Womack, a remake of his arguably most popular song, “In Christ Alone,” and the title track, originally cut by Montgomery Gentry. Through powerful stories and imagery, the song tells a tale of everyone who has faced adversity, been beaten up a bit by life, yet come through even stronger for it.

“Choosing this as the title cut just fit for the album,” shares Michael. “The lyrics are amazing. It’s how I grew up.”

“Here’s to the strong; thanks to the brave.
Don’t give up hope: some people change.
Against all odds, against the grain,
Love finds a way: some people change.
Thank God for those who make it:
Let them be the Light.” – Some People Change


On January 3, 1993, Reich replaced starting quarterback Jim Kelly, to lead the Buffalo Bills from a 31–0 deficit to a 42–40 victory over the Houston Oilers. It remains the largest comeback in NFL history to this day. In a press conference following the game, Reich shared that his inspiration came from listening to “In Christ Alone” immediately prior to taking the field.

Michael, a Buffalo Bills fan had not seen the end of the game or even knew that his team had pulled it out until he started getting phone calls from others who heard Frank crediting the song and Michael in a post-game press conference.

“I wanted to make sure Frank was ok with the new version,” shares Michael.

Frank set his mind at ease and echoed the sentiment of all who have been privy to the epic remake with his simple and spot-on reaction: “It’s a masterpiece.”

Indeed, the entire album is reflective of a master artisan.

“Great vocalists in any genre come and go,” says CCM Magazine editor, Caroline Lusk. “But every once in a while, a voice comes along that rises above the great into a level all its own. Michael will always be one of those voices. This album captures that in a way that’s inspiring, refreshing and hopeful.”

With truths that are undeniable, a heart willingly transparent for the glory of God’s work and refined musicality that can only come after years in the studio of life, Michael English is once more affirming the source of his ultimate strength, the one who is endlessly creative and relentlessly in pursuit of the hearts of his children in the sweet spot of anointed collaboration and undeniable talent.

And in this culture steeped in complacency, judgment and un-reconciled shame, Michael once again proves that he is not satisfied with the norm.

As enigmatic and soul-stirring as ever, Michael is proof positive that yes, for better or worse, some people do change; but the gifting from the one who sings His own melody of salvation, when committed into the hands of the Giver only get better and better as the years go by.

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