Author: Rise & Shine

A hammer will never be able to tell about all the wonderful things that it has built. Even if it could talk, all it would be able to tell us would be about the person who used it to accomplish the work that was done. It was only used in the ways that the carpenter […]

I have a sign in my garage that came from my grandparent’ home in MS. It’s painted over an old Coca Cola sign that Granddaddy had gotten a hold of. And the picture is still there, but it is faded and pealing, and kind of hard to make out. It’s a cow. When several people […]

It may be that if we can’t find the peace that passeth all understanding, we should begin the search by seeking an understanding that brings peace. Sometimes the longest and hardest distance to get something moved is the roughly 12 inches between the brain and the heart. If the two aren’t in agreement, peace is […]

I’ve not created one life in my 49 years here on Earth. So I must not be God. I’ve not saved one soul in 14 years of ministry. So I’m obviously not the Christ. And I haven’t convicted one sinner over the wrongness of their lecherous behavior, ever. (Not even me.) So I suppose that […]

If we focus solely on avoiding hell, we may have missed the point of Grace that makes life worth living. I can stand completely still and not end up in bad places or situations; but the same is true of the good places and situations as well. OR to look at it scripturally… just because […]

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