Author: Rise & Shine

A gentle reminder to all of us Christians to not forget where we’ve come from, and the life we used to live. Remind us Guy Penrod, “Every Saint” has a past and ever sinner has a future. Lyrics He climbed down off that old John Deere, wiping sweat and I was wiping tears. He saw […]

Coming from the perspective of the little boy whos lunch fed 5000 people, Jeff and Sheri Easter sing about it in Small Town Someone. Lyrics A little boy with a little brown basket Thought it was crazy when someone Asked him If he could have his fish and bread Wonder who could have ever Guessed […]

She brings you “The Good Ones” and “Thank God”, and this one where Gabby partnered with worship duo Shane+Shane. My favorite part is the chorus of “Give Me Jesus” added in. Lyrics Finally found the kind of man who stays Like he promised Like he said on that day There’s never been a sweeter love […]

What an incredible collaboration between Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard and Russell Dickerson as they come together after doing a prison ministry and write Death Row. Lyrics Yeah, just last week I went to prison To see some boys down on death row Brought some guitars and my buddies To play some songs I thought they’d […]

What beautiful harmonies come from Maddie & Tae, and to add Lori McKenna in the mix just adds another smooth voice. Lyrics I know you have your doubts That you’ll ever get out of this You’ve lost all you can bear to lose And I may not know it all But I know how hard […]

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