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Forgiveness is a difficult thing to give in general.  But sometimes, the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.  We know what we did.  And the enemy will gladly remind us as often as he can.  But at Easter were reminded that Jesus even took care of those sins and mistakes too. Do not remember the […]

While you’ll have a lot of movies to choose from for Easter such as Hop, Peter Rabbit & Rise of the Guardians, there are Christian Easter movies you should also watch. If you decide to watch as family, I encourage you to share with your children the seriousness of the death and resurrection of Jesus […]

We often think of receiving peace and think of suddenly being able to lay down and rest.  But it is more a moment of receiving energy and clarity… receiving needed revitalization to complete the difficult tasks ahead with power and focus.  When Jesus shared his peace, the disciples were glad.  They were awakened.  They were […]

Isn’t it cool that Jesus has a tendency of giving some of the greatest gifts in the middle of some of the worst circumstances just to let us know He’s still there?  And He’ll use some of the strangest angels, in the least likely places to give us nudges in the right directions while He’s […]

How is your Church going to respond to the situation happening in Boulder Colorado? Will you simply shrug it off as “not my problem”, will you say “we can’t do much were too far away”? Or will you say “Lets come together, and pray.” Just because we are hundreds of miles from Boulder Colorado doesn’t […]

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