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From his Neon Steeple album, Crowder presents Lift Your Head Weary Sinner, and a special release featuring Tedashii. This one is the offical video. Lyrics Lift your head, weary sinner The river’s just ahead Down the path of forgiveness Salvation’s waiting there You built a mighty fortress, ten thousand burdens high Love is here to […]

Brett Young along with Gavin DeGraw join up for a special edition of Chapters. Lyrics In chapter one, I was raised on the Dodgers Every boy wants to be like his father In Little League, when he was coachin’ me I was hangin’ on every word Sundays, he was the one who would lead us […]

Abby, Sarah, Matthew, Jon, Adam & Justin of I AM THEY are proud to present their latest’s release Faithful God. Lyrics I am surrounded On every side Can’t see the light of day But I am persuaded Beyond all hope, You won’t let go of me I stake my claim on every word You say […]

Going back to 1999, Brad Paisley released an album called Who Needs Pictures and it had several well known songs like “We Danced” and “In The Garden.” It also has one of my favorite songs He Didn’t Have To Be. Lyrics When a single mom goes out on a date with somebody new It always […]

The latest from Baylor Wilson is this great song called Jesus Happened. Lyrics “What happened to you?” I hear it all the time They tell me something’s different In my words and in my eyes “What happened to you?” They see it on my face They’ve got a million questions All that I can say […]

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