Breakthrough Breaks Movie Trailer Record 🍿

Written by on December 12, 2018

Upcoming 20th Century Fox movie “Breakthrough” has reached over 40 million views on its trailer in one week! That’s a movie trailer breakthrough. While YouTube shows over 1 million, when you incorporate Facebook & other sites views, a total of over 40 million is achieved.

“Breakthrough” tells the real-life story of Joyce and John Smith. When John, Joyce’s adopted son, falls through the ice into the freezing waters of a Missouri lake, it seems that all hope is lost. As John lay without any signs of life in excess of an hour, his mother began to fervently pray for any miracle. Miraculously, John’s heart starts to beat again, astounding everyone present and defying every scientific prediction. Mere days after the accident, John walked away from the hospital, fully healed.

It’s unprecedented. It’s just a testament to God’s power and proof that people are hungry for hope and inspiration. Beyond a great story, this film is a great entertainment experience that everyone will enjoy.” -Franklin (President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment)

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