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What can we expect in Christian film-making for 2021? Even with a pandemic ongoing, the desire, the drive, the excitement and the anticipation for Christian movies to be released has not stopped. What will be the next big movie The Kindrick Brothers release, or will Touched By An Angel’s Roma Downey produce another series? Both […]

A petition demanding that the popular pornography website PornHub be closed down for allegedly profiting off of and enabling sex trafficking. As of yesterday morning, the petition has gathered more than 1,007,000 valid signatures and has been endorsed by around 300 human rights groups worldwide. PornHub, the world’s largest and most popular porn site, has […]

Let me start by saying that if anyone says the church is immune to the acts of riots, looting and violence then they are just lying to your face (or are totally miss informed.) If you haven’t heard, a church in Washington D.C. was ran sacked, and the nursery set on fire. President Trump even […]

I think the first thing we need to do which should be done before anything else, is pray for our nation. We should be praying every day morning, noon, for the Holy Spirit to move. We should be praying that those who are in charge, that they be given wisdom to respond to the violent […]

No! Please don’t go. Rascal Flatts made this announcements yesterday on Good Morning America that after 20 years, the band would be retiring. Now it was mentioned that the guys made still do things individually or even collectively, but as the for the band name and touring, it would be coming to an end. Many […]

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