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Presented by PUREFLIX, SAMSON captures to your attention with the struggles and challenges the Israelite’s encountered during the time of Samson. Local Showtimes Cinemark Movies 12 – Texas City 10:40am 1:20pm 4:00pm 6:40pm 9:20pm Cinemark 18 – Webster 11:20am 2:15pm 5:10pm 8:05pm 11:00pm AMC Gulf Pointe 30 11:05am 2:00pm 4:40pm 7:25pm 10:05pm AMC Classic Brazos […]

On February 9th, contemporary group Sidewalk Prophets awoke to their bus driver telling them to evacuate due to a fire. The group was on it’s way to Amarillo, Texas when outside of Okemah, Oklahoma the group evacuated. The cause of the fire is still unknown, however the group has lost a great deal of equipment, merchandise, […]

Today is World Radio Day, reflecting and celebrating the achievements made by and through radio. It’ was radio that first broadcast-ed political events, the sound of the President to the world, and so much more. Focusing on KJIC in particular, here is a bit of history. 1981-KJIC came on the air as 89.3 FM at […]

Presented by Compassion International, Zach Williams is set to launch his Chain Breaker 20 City Tour on April 5th. Zach will travel start off in Oklahoma City, and travel through Texas, Ohio, Arkansas, and more states. Due to the early release of this blog I would rather not but the dates and locations, due to […]

You have to admit it that without Si, Duck Dynasty wouldn’t be as big as it is. Si is everyone’s favorite person. So he’s taking his popularity to a new level and trying his foot in the music industry. Uncle Si, and his companions (The Sicotics) headed to the music capitol of America Nashville, Tennessee, […]

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