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What an incredible collaboration between Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard and Russell Dickerson as they come together after doing a prison ministry and write Death Row. Lyrics Yeah, just last week I went to prison To see some boys down on death row Brought some guitars and my buddies To play some songs I thought they’d […]

What beautiful harmonies come from Maddie & Tae, and to add Lori McKenna in the mix just adds another smooth voice. Lyrics I know you have your doubts That you’ll ever get out of this You’ve lost all you can bear to lose And I may not know it all But I know how hard […]

You remember the nursery rhyme, now lets take a Christian country/bluegrass spin on it with The Issacs and their latest Humpy Dumpty Heart. Lyrics I fell head over heels when you whispered my name Then you climbed up on that ledge and I did the same But you had no intention of breaking my fall […]

Check out this group we just added to our playlist from Tim & The Glory Boys. Lyrics Hope shining thru painted glass Lighting up dust on the pew But If I’m honest there’s times I treat you like something to lose Yeh I hide ya Act like I like you Yeh I’m hot then cold […]

From one of my favorite collaboration albums, Chris Tomlin joins with country artists Chris Lane to bring you Gifts From God. Lyrics Back when I was a kid I thought gifts from God only came from church But the more that I live, the more I learn It’s not always the way it works Sometimes […]

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