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From their album entitled Power, We Are Messengers Featuring Vince Gill present, Image Of God. Let’s slow down and really reflect that we are made in the image of God, and so we need to reflect Christ as Christians. Carefully and truthfully examine yourself daily and see what is and what isn’t measuring up the […]

From her album Goldmine, Gabby Barrett presents The Good Ones. Ladies, us good guys are still out there! A good man who wants to put Jesus in our relationship and grow together. I know it gets harder and harder to find Godly men out there, but I’d recommend starting in Church (granted not every single […]

From his Rise & Shine album, Randy Travis presents Three Wooden Crosses. Let’s journey back to the early 2000’s for one of Randy’s most iconic songs. A story of how salvation can present itself even in the darkest times (a preacher passing his Bible to the hooker.) People are changed everyday and this song gives […]

From his newest album, Jason Crabb presents Just As I Am. From the title you may think this is just an arrangement of that hymn, but it’s a totally different song. I like the lines “through the good and bad, you still understand, you never stop loving me.” We are going to fault and fail, […]

From their latest release Casting Crowns presents Scars In Heaven. Anytime someone close to us looses a loved one, the right words to say in comfort to them sometimes elude us. I have a hard time comforting people with words so I have found it easier to remember words to songs that can help them. […]

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