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Let’s learn together this new song from Aaron Lewis, Everybody Talks to God. Lyrics He was sayin’ grace over a Tuesday blue-plate special When the man in the next booth said, “Don’t you watch TV?” Don’t you know that God’s a myth, I hate to see you waste your breath ‘Cause there ain’t no use […]

Larry Fleet who brought you “Where I Find God” (KJIC’s #1 song of 2021) covers Zach Williams 4th song on his Chain Breaker album, To The Table. Lyrics Hear the voice of love that’s calling There’s a chair that waits for you And a Friend who understands Everything you’re going through But you keep standing […]

Let’s check out the latest from Olivia Lane, Woman At The Well. Lyrics I heard a story from the Bible When I was just a little girl About a broken-hearted woman Who met the Savior of the world Thought it was just another story One that the preacher man would read But as I’m sittin’ […]

I know right, but it works! TobyMac & Sheryl Crow. You may of already heard this one but just like Zach Williams released “There Was Jesus” solo, then with Dolly Parton, Toby does the same. Lyrics Head down as I punch this clock The hours roll, they never stop And I can’t ever seem to […]

This song perfectly reflects what Jesus said as the Great Commission, from CAIN. Lyrics See my hands and look at my feet It’s okay if it’s hard to believe I have faith that you will do greater things It’s my time to go, but before I leave Go tell the world about me I was […]

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