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Texas based singer Curtis Grimes serenades us with a great song Noah Built A Boat. Lyrics People gonna tell you You’re a crazy fool Dreams are something you wake up from and not pursue When God opens the door Well he’ll lead you through So take that leap of faith or you regret what you […]

Let’s check out what Casting Crowns has in store for us after their release of Scars in Heaven. This one is from their album Healer, Crazy People. Lyrics Who builds a boat with no clouds in sight? Who walks up to a giant and picks the fight? Who turns a lion’s den into a petting […]

New music from Christian Country/Contemporary singer who brought you My Jesus, Anne Wilson presents Sunday Sermons. Lyrics Seven years old, third row pew John 3:16, something changed in me Red letters coming off the page Flooding my heart with amazing grace I knew then I believed And those roots run deep Oh, I been through […]

This one from Elvie really reaches deep for anyone whos adopted, or who has been adopted. Elvie Shane presents My Boy. Lyrics He ain’t got my smile, that don’t bother me a bit He’s got somebody else’s eyes I’m seein’ myself in I’m holdin’ onto every moment, God knows I’ve missed a few The day […]

It doesn’t feel like it but 7 years ago, Contemporary/Country group Finding Favour from Georgia released Tiny Town. Lyrics Those dirt roads are gravel now That old storefront is falling down Same ole population sign Still nine hundred thirty nine They’ve come and gone We’d fry fish out at grandma’s house Man I sure wish […]

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