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From his Real Friends album, Chris Janson presents Everybody’s Going Through Something. A reminder that everybody’s really is going through something. Before we quickly judge someone for their demeanor, their attitude, their monies, or even their status lets be careful to remember this. Put yourself in their shoes, first take an understanding to their situation. […]

From his Stack of Records album, up and coming artists Larry Fleet presents KJIC’s most liked song of all time, Where I Find God. Since this song hit the airways it has become the most liked songs here at KJIC. It stayed on the Top 5 Fan Favorites for months and months on end at […]

From his Honky Tonk Time Machine album, the king of country music George Strait presents The Weight of the Badge. Until you put that badge on do you fully begin to understand the weight and responsibility of protecting and serving our communities. I am thankful for our law enforment officers who everyday risk their life […]

From her album Every Girl, Trisha Yearwood presents I’ll Carry You Home. Has God not called us to care for each other? To carry one another’s burdens? Trisha’s new release really encourages me to do that. When you can’t walk and there’s chains ’round your soul The burden’s too heavy and you’ve run out of […]

From the album The Way It Feels, Maddie & Tae presents Water In His Wine Glass. Praying for someone who is an alcoholic can be a challenging thing. Sometimes it can seem like your prayers aren’t being heard or the person isn’t making any progress. I want to encourage you not to stop praying for […]

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