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From his newest album New Creation, Mac Powell presents the song New Creation. I’m still getting over how amazing Mac’s last release was “River of Life”, and have even heard bits of another song off this album called “1991” which I also liked, now we have “New Creation”.   Hallelujah, I’m a new creation The […]

From their We All Need Jesus album, the Band Reeves presents Man On Monday. A powerful question to ask yourself. Are you a Christian on Monday as you are on Sunday? Don’t let your walk with Christ be a passive relationship, or one that’s luke-warm. Dive into his word everyday, draw closer to him in […]

From his self titled album friends, Chris Tomlin presents Thank You Lord. Do you start off your prayers with thanks, or remember to even give thanks? I sometimes forget too, because my requests seem to take precedence over being thankful. But I need to remember to always give thanks for what I have. Like Chris […]

From his BK’s Wave Pack album, Brian Kelly (from Florida Georgia Line) presents Sunday Service In The Sand. I like the imagery throughout this song. We all love going to be beach, soaking in the sun listenin’ to music, and playing in the water. Sometimes we just need to kick back and relax, and take […]

From his “Milk & Honey” album, Crowder presents Good God Almighty. I’m just in love with this new one from Crowder. It gets me grooving every time I hear the first words. When you think about it, most people say “good god almighty” in a manner that’s more like “good gracious” or “oh my”. Now […]

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