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From the album Here’s To You released in 2018, Montgomery Gentry presents Better Me. I’m getting older Founding myself and God getting a little bit closer It’s over I’m a little less reckless, little less wild card Breaking hearts kinda senseless Yeah, I’m coming around I might cuss and fight, tell a few lies Break […]

Going back a few years to their album Reborn, Finding Favour presents Be Like You. Have nine months really gone this fast? Holding my baby girl in my hands. Ten million thoughts running through my mind. One thing’s for sure God I want to get this right. – I want to Love her like You […]

A special release from for King & Country features Hannah Ellis and Jackson Michaelson for TOGETHER – A Country Collaboration. In a time where this virus is not isolated to one people group or country or social class – it has become the great equalizer. It is helping us all reconsider this beautiful concept that […]

From their title tracked album, After Grace presents Unseen. Unraveled, undone In a moment, it all was gone Standin’ there left with a head full of questions Unsettled, unsure I don’t know what I was livin’ for I built my hope on the wrong foundation – All it takes is losin’ somethin To realize that […]

From his self titled album & Friends, Christ Tomlin (along with Thomas Rhett & Florida Georgia Line) presents Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord for the small things Like me and her on the porch swing For summer nights and fireflies And the sound of my old six string Blessings, on blessings, on blessings, on […]

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