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Then you will understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. Proverbs 2:5 Have you ever been interested in taking a course only to find out about its “prerequisites” later? I have been hindered by this before. I say hindered because I didn’t always see the need for the prerequisite. I […]

October 1, 2018

They would have none of my counsel and despised my every rebuke. Proverbs 1:30 Have you ever felt like your words of wisdom were falling on deaf ears? I have seen young men that I have mentored, hear my counsel and disregard it as folly. Either they see it as over cautious or plain wasteful […]

The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their food in the summer. -Proverbs 30:25 I liken this illustration concerning ants to the story of the tortoise and the hare. An unlikely character that accomplishes what the likely character seems more apt to do. Without rehearsing a story you’re already familiar with, we […]

September 29, 2018

The righteous considers the cause of the poor, But the wicked does not understand such knowledge. -Proverbs 29:7 Some folks can’t understand why some people make so many sacrifices for others who are in need. Despite what people may think, lower income families give more to charities than rich people. See the study done by […]

One who turns away his ear from hearing the law, Even his prayer is an abomination. -Proverbs 28:9 Today’s Proverb touches on a controversial issue. Does God hear our prayers? Now some folks say that He does not hear the prayers of a sinner lest the sinner is praying repentance. Some say that God hears […]

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