Spill the Beans

Gold City, Amy Grant, Yolanda Adams, Shirley Caesar, Dan Harrell, Natalie Grant, Michael Blanton, and Steve Green were all inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. “I am so grateful to the GMA for making room for an issue & topic that is uncomfortable but must be spoken about.” Natalie “And to the man […]

Checking out this day in Music History, Steven took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, messed up the song, but kept going.  He is now one of the biggest names in Contemporary Music. 35 years ago, a kid from Paducah, KY stood on stage at The Grand Ole Opry, and proceeded to forget the […]

While most of the Country world is now dominated by “sex, loss, alcohol, girlfriends, and party nights”, Christian songs still get thrown out there. And when they do, they get a pretty good response from the public, Christians and Non-believers alike. Lets find out what the Top 3 Christian Country songs are on YouTube. I […]

Gold City has just been announced that after 37 years on the road, they will be inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame (GMA). Other 2017 Hall of Fame inductees include Steve Green, Michael Blanton, Yolanda Adams, and Dan Harrell. “I was in second grade when Gold City was established, but I knew from that young […]

Isn’t it amazing to hear about all these Christians being apart of this historic event?! So far The Nelons, and Guy Penrod have sung for Donald Trump, and now comedian Chonda Pierce’s turn. Continue to pray for our country, and God’s blessing upon us.

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