Contest Rules

For participating in any contest or competition hosted by 90.5 KJIC, these are the official rules and regulations.

Selection of Contests

Christian Country Radio, aka 90.5, KJIC will at a times host, or partner with other entities for community engagement and contests. The decision to participate with any entity is solely at the discretion of KJIC, and its staff members and cannot be initiated by any listener, or outside participant.


Listen Participation

Listeners to 90.5 KJIC are encouraged to participate in the various contests, surveys, games, etc hosted by the station. Here are some of the basic entry participation regulations,


  1. must be a U.S. citizen, living in the U.S.
  2. based upon the contest, participants must be of valid age
  3. KJIC staff members, & immediate family members are unable to participate
  4. must have a valid ID for pickup or obtaining your prize.


How to play in contests

When participating in any contests, unless otherwise directed, only one winner per contest, per household. If any deception is discovered to go around this rule, forfeiture of your prize may occur, and possibly any participation from future contests/games. All special rules, and directions for participating in any contest will be announced on the commercial. If no direct rules for participation are announced, standard rules apply.

No special treatment will be given to any listener for advancement in contests, or games. If a contest is ongoing, no backtracking will be allowed such as obtaining past keywords, etc.


Claiming Prizes

All prizes are non transferable, and if lost, we are absolved from it.

If you are a winner of a prize to an event that KJIC will be attending, you’ll most likely obtain the tickets at the venue. The DJ will inform you of this possiblity at the time of your winning. Also, a day or 2 before the event, you’ll be contacted once again by KJIC that you won, and your tickets will be available for pickup at our booth. If we will not be attending the event, you may have your prize mailed by the standard U.S. Postal Mail service, or come to the physical station for pick up. The physical location of the station is 8315 County Road 198 Building 2 Alvin, TX 77511. Pickup hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

If you wish to have your prize mailed, we will make every attempt to ensure your prize is reached to its destination, however we do not take responsibility for lost mail. Pickup of your prize is always preferred.

All prizes over $600, or your accumulation of prizes over $600 will require us to obtain your Social Security number for filing with the IRS, and to allow us to send you a 1099.

Participants who miss our immediate attempts at contact herby forfeit their prize. We attempt to call about 3 to 5 times.


By participating in any contest, you hereby acknowledge that you will abide and adhere to these rules and regulations. KJIC will not be held responsible for any lost, misplaced or broken products, tickets, or any prize distributed by KJIC.

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