Falsehood & Lies

Written by on August 30, 2018

Remove falsehood and lies far from me

I really like that today’s Proverb simply says “Remove falsehood AND lies far from me;”

Many versions actually say “Remove vanity and lies far from me;” Due to the fact that the word “vanity” has changed meaning over the centuries, I think “falsehood” is a better translation. Originally vanity simply meant, empty or void. Vanity or falsehood is just a false representation of the truth. How does that differ from lies and why are they both mentioned as if they have different meanings? If the scripture says, “Remove falsehood AND lies far from me”, we could miss something if we just rolled them into one. Let’s see what we may have to gain by actually paying closer attention to the Word. We know what it means to have lies removed far from me. Lies are intentional deception. There are some falsehoods that are not intentional and yet cause just as much damage to our lives. I can lie to you and tell you I am capable of doing your taxes for you, but I can do just as much damage by really believing I can when I cannot. Just because I really thought I could do your taxes doesn’t mean that you won’t overpay or underpay and earn yourself an audit from the IRS. I don’t want to have just lies put out of me and away from me, it is of utmost importance that the truth is the foundation of all my existence. Some of the most devastating unintentional falsehoods are the ones we believe concerning ourselves. Not long ago the Lord dealt with me on some issues in my life where I was absolutely wrong about several things. I was not lying about these issues, but my perception was wrong and couldn’t have been further from the truth. There were things that I believed about myself that were wrong and just as damaging as if I lied about them intentionally. It would be easy for me to say, “I was ignorant of the truth, so God will show me mercy.” Well, yes He is a merciful God, but this ignorance was selective.

I had opportunity to see the truth in my life, but didn’t want to acknowledge my weakness. This is not an intentional lie, but it was a damaging falsehood anyway. As we mature in Christ Jesus, we want lies away from us, but we are so desirous of the truth that we don’t even want to overlook the truths that are not convenient for us. We want to know the truth about ourselves more than we want to preserve our pride. I want not only lies put far from me, but also any false or empty opinions of myself as well.

Source from Proverb of the Day.

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