How Should Christians Respond to the Riots?

Written by on June 3, 2020

I think the first thing we need to do which should be done before anything else, is pray for our nation. We should be praying every day morning, noon, for the Holy Spirit to move. We should be praying that those who are in charge, that they be given wisdom to respond to the violent acts of the rioters not the protesters. And we should be praying for the police officers who are there to protect others.

Now, some people will stop and say “praying isn’t enough”. Whoever said that you could never pray enough? Prayer is not mediocre. We should always pray about anything and everything and if the Lord reveals something through those prayers we should act upon it. We pray all the time for God to give us wisdom to give us financial stability and for God to give us peace. So if you’re praying for peace and God lays it on your heart to go to someone and start praying for them then you should do it. And if he tells you to be praying for the rioters, then do the same. If he goes so far as to say “get out there and pray”, then you do it.

As Christians, the greatest weapon and the most powerful defense we have is prayer. Our country needs prayer in a critical way. -Franklin Graham

I saw an awesome video of a young man who was going up to the police officers praying and hugging with them. He was apologizing for all the violence saying this is not why most of us are here. Isn’t that amazing! This young man understands what the police officers are going through. He knows that they are not imposing on their right to protest, and he wants to show everyone that police officers lives matter too.

Christians, realize that we live in a sinful world. Full of violence anger, confusion, and hatred. We are united together in a commonality which is our belief in Jesus Christ. The miracles that he’s done, and his Holy word found in the Bible. The world doesn’t have a Bible! The world runs on its own accord, and its leader is Satan. He is the father of lies, he stirs up trouble, and he puts brother against brother. Sadly expect the world to be messed up. But we can look at the world as an opportunity to share gods love. With all that is going on the riots, looting, and destruction happening in these cities, we have an opportunity to share the gospel.

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