Kali Rose releases anticipated music video

Written by on August 2, 2017

Personally, I have been waiting since the day I heard this song, for there to be a music video to it. Every time it played on the radio, I would literally imagine a video playing in my head, and yesterday my imagination came to life, as I watched Kali Rose’s music video, Jesus On The Jukebox.

The song is about a man walking into a bar, with a beard, long hair and sandals on (Jesus), and as he enters he walks over to an old jukebox. By some miracle it turns on and starts playing Christian songs. Everyone in the bar is shocked, and really who can be drinking when a Christian song is on, so everyone stops drinking.

Then he walks to the bar and asks for water, and after conversing with the bartender, he left and his water turned to wine.  Once again everyone is in shock at this man. Finally, they realize the stranger was Jesus.

Whoever produced this video must of been watching the video in my mind because they nailed it right on.


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