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My Testimony Being raised in a Christian home, I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to the message of Christ all my life, but growing up in this sinful world really tested my faith. Attending Primary & Elementary school, I was a hyper active child, and loved being the center of attention. I’m sure […]

My Testimony At the age of four years old, I had a severe head injury. The doctors said they needed to do brain surgery and that there was a 50/50 chance I would live, and if I did live, I would not live past the age of 12, and I would be a vegetable for […]

My Testimony I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. I have been in church as long as I can remember. If the doors were open, we were there. At a young age, I went down to the front with my friends, said a prayer, and signed a card to join the church. […]

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