Minute Moments

We take a moment every hour to have pastors and other ministers bring a message of comfort, conviction, hope, healing, and encouragement.

Woodview Warriors

12:20 am

Freedom Call

1:20 am

Share Life Today

2:20 am

Legacy Moment

3:20 am

It’s Time To Pray

4:20 am

Reach Beyond

Dywane Peterson

5:20 am

Free Indeed

Pacific Garden Mission

6:20 am

Keys 4 Kids


7:20 am

The Legal Alert

Attorney David Gibbs Jr.

8:20 am

Diamonds In The Dust

Joni Kentada

9:20 am


Barry McGuire

10:20 am

Today In The Word

John Geiger

11:20 am

My Family Talk

Dr. James Dopson

1:20 pm

Seeking Him

Nancy Demoss

2:20 pm

3:20 pm

Today’s Single Christians

4:20 pm

Women Today

Vonet Bright

5:20 pm

A Quick Word

Beth Moore

6:20 pm


7:20 pm

8:20 pm

The Garlow Perspective

Jim Garlow

9:20 pm

Daily Light for Daily Living

Ann Graham Lotz

10:20 pm

Reaching Your World

Luis Palau

11:20 pm

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