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How do I listen online?

You can listen on any computer from Windows Vista to Windows 10, and all Macintosh computers, by clicking on the bar at the bottom to start.

How do I see what just played?

You can see who just played on the player, or mobile device, or by Clicking Here.

Why won’t the player open?

If you have an “Ad Blocker” extension, or software to not allow media to pass through, this may be what’s stopping that. Go into the settings of that software and allow our services to pass.

I can listen, but it “buffers” or “skips”, why is that?

When the player is working, but at times sounds like its skipping through the song, or stopping and starting, most of the time that is your internet connection. It may not be strong enough, or fast enough to handle the stream. Another problem could be your computer, if its infected or the processor is to slow. Just be aware, on our end, everything checks out, and we schedule maintenance on our streams late at night, or early in the morning.

Can I listen on my phone?

Yes! We have an App. Download it from your store.

What devices work?

Right now we have an Apple and Android mobile app. All Apple devices, and Android devices should allow you to listen us on your device.

It won’t play in Safari, Internet Explorer, or Chrome?

Our player is designed to work on those applications for computers. When it comes to listening on a mobile device, we recommend using our app, for a full experience.

When I listen it buffers, why’s that?

We’re sorry your experiences technical difficulties. Should your app “buffer” or skip, try doing this,

  • close the app completely, then restart
  • check your bars, our app works best with 2+ bars
  • if its still not working, we must be doing some maintenance, and will finish asap.

What is Bluetooth/mp3?

In the newer models of vehicles, as well as some older ones, there is the ability to connect your phone with your radio by means of cable (Aux, mp3) or wireless.

Connecting your device to the radio


Every vehicle is different, but the main things to do is make sure your Bluetooth is on in your settings, then go to your car settings and make sure Bluetooth is on there. once the 2 devices are paired, you can tell them to remember each other, so you don’t have to setup a connection every time.


If your using a cable, connect it to the Aux port, then on your radio, choose to listen to your Aux. Begin playing our app.

What is Streema?

Streema is an online resource for local, internet radio station.

How do I find you?

Click Here to be directed to KJIC on Streema. If you can’t find us, just search for us.

Note: We are not responsible for anything promoted, or advertised in Streema. 

What is Tunein?

There are many online sites that provide links to every radio stations online streaming. Tunein is one of the biggest resources.

How do I listen?

Click Here to listen to KJIC on Tunein. If you can’t find us, just search for us.

Note: We are not responsible for anything promoted, or advertised in Tunein. 

What is NextRadio?

NextRadio is a 3rd party company, that allows you to use the FM chip in your smartphone, to listen to the radio.

Who can get it?

They are only available to Android users, and only if the users providers have unlocked this feature on their device. We have no say in this matter.

When I listen on their app, how do I find you?

When you open their app, it will determine where you are, and so you must be under our signal to receive us. If it detects our signal, it will then show up in the main menu of stations, KJIC 90.5, and will allow you to listen.

Note: We are not responsible for anything promoted, or advertised in the NextRadio app. We pay to be able to provide our service through their device, and we hold no ties to NextRadio. 


How do I learn more about the Artists you play?

We play a wide range of artists who specialize in different genre’s. Check out the Artists page for more details on all our artists.

Can you relay a message to the artists for me?

Unfortunately no. We do not have artists personal information at the station.

Who picks the music?

All music is selected by the Music Director for airplay, with final approval from the Program Director.

Can I send my music in for airplay?

No,  we are not accepting music from Individual Artists, or mp3’s through emails. All music submitted for review must come from a compilation CD.

How do I get on a Compilation?

You must do your own research, and decide if you want to get into the music industry. We can recommend the top compilation and promotions companies. Daywind Record, Crossroads, Stowtown, and Dream Big Promotions for Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, and for Country HMG, Power Source, or Hey Ya’ll Media. Other compilation companies exist for R&B Gospel, Contemporary, and Inspirational.

Can I pay to be on the radio with my music?

No. We do not tolerate artists who demand airplay on their music, and it is illegal to bribe or to attempt to bribe KJIC for any airplay.

How do I submit an event?

You can Click Here to submit an event.

What kind of events are allowed?

Here at Christian Country Radio we accept church related events, community events. We do not accept fundraisers to raise money for an individuals needs, but will for an individuals desire to go on a mission trip.

My event never showed up, what happen?

Most likely your event was not received. Please try submitting the event again, however if it was received it was denied. We reserve the right to post your event or not, and to alter information to fit our policies.

My event information has changed, what do I do?

Please let us know ASAP! If you fail to inform us about any change, as minor as the start time, and it causes miscommunication from the public, all events submitted by your or your organization will be rejected.

How do I purchase tickets on your website?

If ever there is an event that requires the purchase of tickets, you can purchase tickets to the event, but going to the Events, and finding the event. Christian Country Radio never sells tickets, we only provide the service of purchasing them.


Remember we do not sell tickets. All refunds can take place between you and the ticket provider.

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