You may of heard us promote that KJIC is on the Next Radio app. The Next Radio app is an app that uses the built in FM Receiver inside your smart phone, and allows you to listen to radio on your phone, without data, and draining your battery. This feature first opened in Android devices, but only limited, due to carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile who felt that it wasn’t work activating. But now, enough people have requested the activation of this chip on all devices, and most providers, which mean you can listen to KJIC on the Next Radio app on all smart phones.

There are so many cool features on Next Radio. Besides listening to local radio, you can see what songs playing, like/dislike songs, buy songs/albums, see previous songs played, call/message the station, and a lot more. Come on, if you listen to the radio a lot you drain your phone battery, and data, so with the Next Radio app, it uses hardly any data and battery, so why not download it.

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