Our Mission, Our Story

Our Mission

We’re here to bring comfort, encouragement and spiritual strength to God’s church, and be a light to the lost. -Founder Bob Vaughn

You are invited to give Christian Country Radio a try. We offer music that speaks to the hearts of men, women and children whatever their station in life. It’s music with a simple yet powerful message: A message that points to Jesus and all He has provided, and to our celebration of life in Him.

Our music has it’s roots in varied regions and cultures, but it is always music that enhances the delivery of the message. Join The Celebration!

The Story

  • Community Radio, Inc. was incorporated in 1978, to build a Christian radio station in Pasadena for the Houston area.
  • The station was licensed, built, and signed on-air in February ’81. KJIC operated at 118 watts at 89.3 FM.
  • In ’87, KSBJ and KJIC swapped frequencies, and KJIC became 88.1 FM at 440 watts.
  • In ’91, Community Radio built another station.  This new station was licensed to Santa Fe, Texas, and operated at 90.5 FM at 5,000 watts.
  • The increase in ‘93 was to 6,000 watts.
  • In ‘03, Community Radio sold the Pasadena station to raise funds to build their own tower.
  • Broadcasting began on the new tower in ‘03 at 7,700 watts.
  • In ‘09, KJIC upgraded to 36,000 watts directional.
  • In 2017 KJIC launched CHits Radio, an internet station playing the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s Contemporary music.
  • In 2018, KJIC rebranded to Christian Country Radio. Playing mainstream and independent artists singing Christian and Inspirational messages.

Our Coverage

We strive to deliver the best possible signal to our listeners.  If you are outside our FM listening area, KJIC is available on smart phones and computers.  God has seen fit for KJIC to expand it’s FM coverage several times.  We ask for continued prayers for further expansions to reach more individuals with Christian Country Radio.

The first contour, 60db, should be clear on your car radio or on your home radio.

The second contour, 54db, allows for a good signal in cars, but there may be times of interference on home radios.

The furthest contour, 40db, is referred to as the “fridge”.  In these areas KJIC is weak and you can expect to have interference.  Some days you will receive the signal clean and clear and some days you will not receive it at all.

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