Abortion Ban | Satanic Temple | Sentence Change

March 23, 2021


Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson told CNN he signed a bill banning most abortions with the goal of seeing Roe v. Wade overturned. The bill, the Unborn Child Protection Act passed the state Arkansas House 76-19 and the Senate 27-7 before Hutchinson signed it. It will go into effect in August, although pro-choice groups say they will challenge it in court. It includes an exception for saving the life of the mother.


Across the country, the Satanic Temple, an IRS-recognized atheist church with some 300,000 devotees, is waging a legal battle for religious liberty, using tactics that have proved effective for Christian groups. The church has filed at least seven lawsuits in as many states, challenging the limits on what qualifies as religious expression. It says it’s looking for equal treatment in the public square.


The High Court in Lahore, Pakistan changed a convicted Christian man’s sentence of life imprisonment to the death penalty for allegedly sending a blasphemous text message 10 years ago.

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