Abortions Rates Down | Ottoman Empire | HS Football Prayer

Sean Vaughn November 8, 2019


For the first time since the Roe vs Wade decision, abortions rates have fallen, but the fight isn’t over say’s Sara Quale of the Personhood Alliance. While the rates may be down, the moral relativism is still alive. While it’s unclear what’s driving the reduction in abortions nationwide, many contribute it to stricter laws, the church getting involved, and the exposure of the corruption in the clinics.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution on Tuesday calling the Ottoman Empires World War 1 slaughter of 1.5 million Christians a “genocide”. Turkey was formed out of the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and say the word genocide is an over exaggeration. This part of history is being labeled the “forgotten Holocaust” as it was depicted in the film The Promise.

Two high school football players, one from each time, go viral after a picture is taken showing them kneeling together praying on the football field. The boys are Gage Smith and Ty Jordan both knelt after Gage asked if he could pray for Ty’s mother who has stage 4 lung and bone cancer. A picture went viral now with over 100k shares.

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