AFA Petition on Chick-Fil-A | Jesus Is King 2 | Missing Man Found

Sean Vaughn November 22, 2019


In the wake of Chick-Fil-A’s decision to not donate to 2 major Christian charities due to their stance on biblical marriage, the American Family Association has started a petition that now has over 100,000 signatures. The petition is to encourage the company to return to its founding principles and not be moved by the world. AFA’s President says, “It looks like they have caved to the LGBTQ activist and their illegitimate complaints- I hope I’m wrong.”

Round 2 for Kanye West, Jesus Is King II is in the works. The success of his first project that he released on October 25th, prompted more from Kanye to do another R&B project. The fist album went to number 1 on Christian Albums and Billboard 200 charts. Kanye continues to shine a light, singing and preacher in small and large venues, prisons and churches.

A Mississippi teenager gives credit to God for helping her find an elderly man who went missing for several hours. Her name is Katie, she’s 17, and saw the post on social media that an elderly man went missing, and so she took action. She separated herself from the search party, and down the ways found the elderly man laying between bushes in the mulch. She says he was so well blended in with this clothes, anyone could easily miss him. She comforted the man and said in a statement “I realized it was just all God.”

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