Algeria Church | Tennessee Adoption Agencies | Trumps Protects Students

Sean Vaughn January 20, 2020


Ranked number 17 on Open Doors World Watch List for Christian persecution, Algeria, which is mostly Muslim ruled has without warning, closed a Christian church in Oran. The pastor says he received a formal government document by a bailiff but only a month after it was signed by court judge, and only having 10 days left to appeal.  The pastor says he will try an appeal.

In Tennessee, Christian adoption agencies are now protected and do not have to place children with same-sex couples. Democrats are unhappy saying is discriminates against LGBTQP couples and if these Christian adoption agencies are receiving government monies they should abide by government standards. President Obama signed a mandate requiring Religious institutes such as adoption agencies to forcefully abide by a Equal Placement program.

President Trump last Thursday made a moved last Thursday to safeguard students protected liberty to talk about faith, and pray in public schools by warning School Districts of government funds that could be removed if they don’t abide by the 1st amendment. Deputy General counsel for First Liberty Institute Michael Berry says “we commend President Trump for doing this.”

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