Australia Fires | Jesus Candy Debate | Kanye West’s New Album

Sean Vaughn January 7, 2020


The devastating wildfires in Australia continue to rage on. Over half a billion animals have been killed, and more than 20 people. 136 fires continue to burn across New South Wales and 69 haven’t even been touched. The smoke has even caused the atmosphere in Canberra to be twice as toxic as the air in Beijing. Equivalent to smoking 80 cigarettes a day. Months more of hardly any rain will make this a tough battle, and other countries have begun lending help, including volunteers from the US.

A candy shop on a military base is under fire from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, for selling “Jesus Candy”. These chocolates, lollipops, and stockings that have Jesus written on them, offends the group and they have written a letter of protest saying these shouldn’t be allowed on the air-force military base. No legal action is taking place, as this was just a letter written to the shop.

Back in the spotlight again, Kanye West releases another Christian album and soars to Number 2 on the Gospel Charts. First it was Jesus Is King, now the new album is Jesus Is Born, and the album features other artists such as Chance the Rapper, Kirk Franklin and The Dream.

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