Chick-Fil-A News | Students Versus Students | Pro-Life In Trouble

Sean Vaughn November 19, 2019


It’s not fake news. Chick-Fil-A just broke many peoples heart with a written statement. The 3rd largest fast food chain, known for its statement of faith says they will no longer donate to Christian Charites that are anti LGBT+, such as The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and The Salvation Army. In addition, they will reallocate their monies to smaller, more local charities and ministries. Still the community has been stirred up, and several protests have already started at several locations calling for the chain to stand up for biblical views on marriage and support those larger ministries.

In similar news, Christian students at Bozeman High School in Montana are being harassed by other students because of their beliefs on biblical marriage. They are literally being told “abandon your beliefs or forget being an official school club.” No word on if the Principle of the school will intervene.

A Pro-Life organization may be in trouble with the law. The Heidi Group was suppose to provide women’s health care services for low income women through out the state of Texas, after receiving a 1.6 million contract. Through the contract an estimated 51,000 women would receive help, however only 2,300 have. The investigation is still ongoing.

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