China’s New Religion | UMC Leaves | Hobby Lobby Christmas Ad

Sean Vaughn December 30, 2019


China may be forming a new religion, based on the governments idea of Christianity, and other religion’s. They have already begun rewriting the Bible and Quaran, and a counsel has already been formed to see begin planning such a task.

Locally, the Grace Fellowship UMC in Katy, has decided to the leave the Methodist Church denomination over its debate on homosexuality. The church voted this month, and Pastor Jim, says “we wanted to remove ourselves from the dysfunctional fighting going on in the United Methodist Church so that we can fully devote our energies to fulfilling the mission and vision that God has given us.”

Since 1997, Hobby Lobby has run Christian based ad-s during the Easter, Independence, and Christmas season. This year was no exception, as their ad displayed a star with the caption “It’s A Boy” printed underneath. The ad ran in newspapers across the country, as well as an online presence.

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