Disney+ Subscribers | Bible & A Bullet | Kanye At Lakewood

Sean Vaughn November 18, 2019


An estimated 10 million people are already subscribed to Disney+. A new streaming platform similar to Netflix and Purefilx, where you can watch all things Disney new or old. Also included in some packages are ESPN, and Hulu. Disney+ launched November 12.

A Bolivian police officer was shot in the chest during a civil unrest, and says he was saved by a Bible tucked into his chest pocket. The unnamed officer told Bolivian media, “Yes, it was a miracle.” He was still taken to hospital for routine tests and is expected to return to work soon.

Kanye West made it to Lakewood recently and took the stage singing a few of his gospel songs off his latest project and sharing a few words. Nearly 45,000 attendees and 10 million television viewers saw Kanye not perform but preach Sunday Morning. Tickets were free to his Sunday night concert, and sold out in less than 7 minutes.

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