FFRF Discriminates Kanye | Whales Returning | Colorblind Student

Sean Vaughn November 25, 2019


The Freedom From Religion Foundation is calling on Kanye West’s recent visit to a Houston prison, unconstitutional. They claim it violates the constitution because religion was pressured on a captive audience by a superstar. The 4 page letter to the Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, by the FFRF also demanded that any correspondence, emails, and concert tonics between Kanye West’s team and the officials be supplied to the FFRF with in 10 days.

Its estimated that 25,000 humpback whales now live in the Western South Atlantic says the Royal Society. Whale hunting in the 19th century brought the population of whales to a near extinction, however since the 1950’s more and more have been spotted. They estimate the population has grown from just a few hundred in 1830 to now around 25 thousand.

Well how would you feel if you were severely colorblind, then.. you get to see colors? Johnathan Jones was born colorblind, then in an emotional video posted to social media, his principal bought him some special glasses. The outcome is so emotional.

The video has over 8 million views.



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