Florida Police Decals | Old Bible On Display | We’ll Adopt Post

Sean Vaughn November 11, 2019


A Florida sheriff will not remove “In God We Trust” from the county’s patrol cars. Sheriff Wayne Ivey of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News “they have a better chance of me waking up thin tomorrow morning than they do of me taking that motto off our cars!” The Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote the letter to the sheriff to remove the decals.

A rare medieval Pentatuch manuscript is going on display at the Museum of the Bible. The volume dates back to the year 1000 AD. and consists of the first 5 books of the Holy Bible. The manuscript has 520 pages, bound in leather and has been donated by David Sofer, an Israeli financier who collects ancient manuscripts.

After a “please don’t abort, we’ll adopt your baby” post went viral, Sarah and her husband Blake decided to do just that. The couple already has a biological son of 6 months, and a 2 year old adopted from foster care. The couple is ready to make a difference in as many children’s lives as they can.

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