Francis Chan | Samaritans Purse Shoebox | Bell Ringers Coming Soon

Sean Vaughn November 13, 2019


Evangelist Francis Chan has made a huge announcement that he’ll be moving to Asia for permanent witnessing. He shared this news recently and says, “As we got on the plane home, I was like, ‘Honey, I think its time to move.’” Chan and his family will move to Asia in February of next year.

National Collection Week for the Samartian’s Purse is in 4 days! Pack a shoebox, define its gender, and then fill it with “wow” items like a soccer ball, stuffed animal, toys, and hygiene items. Please refrain from foods, powders, glass, or breakable items. Once its packed, drop it off at a Shoebox location near you.

Well its almost that time of year again… seeing the Salvation Army bell ringers. This Christmas season is one of the biggest times the Salvation Army brings attention to the needs of others and fundraising. We once participated in it as volunteers and can say it’s an amazing experience.

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