Franklin in Cambodia | Dr Pepper Winner | Kanye Replaces John Crist

Sean Vaughn December 11, 2019


Yesterday evening, Franklin Graham was holding a revival in Cambodia, and over 23,000 heard the Gospel, with over 1,300 surrendering their lives to him. Franklin says “We pray this festival will open the door for more of the Lord’s work in the future”. Cambodia nearly eliminated Christians after a horrible genocide in the ‘70’s lead by Pol Pot.

The winner of the Dr Pepper’s tuition giveaway thanked God on live national T.V. after he won $100,000 in scholarship money. Gordon says “I want to thank God from the bottom of my heart. If you do not believe in him, I pray that you would soon become a believer.” The scholarship he received will help him purse his dream of becoming a lawyer.

With John Crist removed after allegations of sexual misconduct, Kanye West has accepted to fill to position of a special speaker at the Strength to Stand Student Bible Conference.

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