Immigration & Christians | Founding Fathers Petition | Salvation Army Ringers

Sean Vaughn November 27, 2019


Nearly 100 prominent evangelicals representing national ministries, denominations, universities, and churches are looking for a way to help the US government handle the immigration crisis in America. The “Evangelical Call for Restitution-Based Immigration Reform” was drafted on November 6th and according to its leaders, is urging that lead status be provided without resorting to mass deportation or amnesty.

Washington & Lee law students are trying to remove our founding fathers’ pictures from their diplomas and schools. A petition is circulating to have them removed from the diplomas and to change the schools name, because George Washington and Robert E. Lee had salves. There is opposition to this petition saying it dismantles the very tradition of the school and their history. About 175 out of the 400 staff and students have signed in favor of the petition.

Well their ringing away! How many of you have already seen the Salvation Army bell ringers? I remember as a kid my parents would give me a dollar and have me walk over and put it in the kettle. Be sure to donate next time you see one of those kettles.

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