Jack Wilson Honored | Bellaire H.S. | Elderly Man Baptized

Sean Vaughn January 16, 2020


Jack Wilson, the man who shot the armed intruder at the recent Texas Church shooting, received the highest civilian honor on Monday. Gov. Greg Abbott said this. “The courage in his actions cannot be understated, and Jack is not only a hero to West Freeway Church of Christ—he is a hero to the entire state of Texas.”
Jack is a long time firearm instructor and you can see him in the church live-video taking aim at the shooter and bringing him down in a matter of seconds after he entered the church.

Here in Houston, Classes will resume today at Bellaire High School with extra police personnel after a fatal shooting. Also available will be crisis counselors for students and staff. The D.A. says the suspect and the victim were friends and the shooting was accidental. The suspect is also in police custody.

And over in South Carolina, a man in hospice care had his dying wish granted by getting baptized. The staff brought out a large 60 gallon hospital tube and he was baptized in it. Jenis was his name, and went to be with the Lord just a few days after.

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