Kindergartner Adoption | Baby Deer Rescued | 300 Handmade Toys

Sean Vaughn December 10, 2019



Have you seen it floating around social media? A kindergartner in Michigan invited his whole class to watch his adoption hearing last week. 5-year-old Michael Clark Jr lived with his foster parents for about a year before the hearing, and on the big day he invited his class. On that day 37 other kids were also adopted.

Over in Queensland, Australia, a firefighter rescued a crying baby deer while putting out bush-fires. Michel Tiley of the Stanmore Rural Fire Brigade said, “I heard a noise that sounded like a small child crying. I turned around to see this baby fawn walking straight towards me.” The deer was very distressed and overheated, but not injured.

A 93-year-old man spends all year long making toy trucks for children. He estimates over 300 trucks have been made this year and is ready to donate them. Ed Higginbotham of Pennsylvania has been doing this for several years and really enjoys seeing the smile on kids faces when they receive a real handmade toy truck.

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