Lauren’s National Anthem | Jeopardy Under Fire | Awaken 2020

Sean Vaughn January 15, 2020


Lauren Daigle wowed the audience as she sang the national anthem in Louisiana.
Also in attendance at the game was President Trump and First Lady. The game was LSU versus Clemons, with a score of 42-25.

Jeopardy host Alex Trebeck already has enough to worry about, but now his Producers do as some groups have attacked the game show for supposablely taking a stance on the Palestine/Israeli controversy. The answer read “BUILT IN THE 300S A.D., THE CHURCH OF THE NATIVITY”. The first contestant said “What is Palestine”, Alex replied no, another said “What is Israel” and was correct. The groups are angry that this older episode supposable endorses Israel’s claim on the territory.

For over 20 years, Awaken 2020 has reached out to thousands, but this year its sold out as Kanye West will be preparing to sing and minister, in fact its sold out. The Sun Devil Stadium, with over 50,000 seats, sold out in minutes when reported that Kanye will be there.

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