Nigeria Christians Killed in 2019 | Netflix Controversy | Kanye’s New Opera

Sean Vaughn December 17, 2019


A nonprofit recently released a report estimating that over 1,000 Nigerian Christians have been killed this year in attacks led by Muslims. H.A.R.T. estimates that over 6,000 Christians have been killed since 2015 while 12,000 have been displaced. Open Doors USA has ranked Nigeria, as the 12th-worst nation in the world for Christian persecution.

A new show on Netflix has really shaken things up. A petition with over 1.8 million signatures has really taken off for the streaming provider to remove a Netflix comedy that depicts Jesus Christ as gay with a partner, Jesus cussing and spiting, and even trying to have sex with his mother Mary. Both Christians and non-Christians have joined saying Netflix has crossed the line, and is calling for the shows removal. Its produced by a Brazilian Comedy group, and the title is called The First Temptation of Christ, rated TV-MA.

Kanye West debuted his opera show, Mary, this weekend at the Marine Stadium in Miami as a follow up to “Nebuchadnezzar,” his first opera production in Los Angeles, according to the Christian Post. Tickets for the one-time show sold out within 24 hours. Kanye announced the show on Twitter Thursday evening for the Sunday afternoon show on the final day of Art Basel.


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