No Christian Club | Suicide Hotline | Plastic Waste

Sean Vaughn December 16, 2019


A High School in New York has said no to Freshmen wanting to start a Christian club because it could be “seen as exclusive”, but the school has a Gay Pride, and Muslim Proud club. The Principle and Assistant Superintendent both denied the request of the student. Russell with the First Liberty Institute says “we hope this school district ends its clearly unlawful behavior and protects the religious liberty of every student in all its schools.

On December 10th, the F.C.C. unanimously approved a nation-wide suicide hotline to be formed and launched. The bill passed legislature and has been signed by President Trump. The number will be 9-8-8, but until its launched the main number is 1-800-273-8255

We all know that plastic takes a long time to decompose, so many companies are going greener. You may even have noticed when you go to restaurants lately, they ask if you want a straw, or just don’t carry them period. In the U.K. its estimated 114k tons of plastic waste per year, which has led large industry leaders to make changes to their plastic consumption.

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