No Nativity In School | Homeschooling Laws | Kel Mitchell Youth Pastor

Sean Vaughn December 13, 2019


The Freedom from Religion Foundation forced an Oklahoma Elementary School to cancel a live nativity from its annual Christmas production. The group sent a letter to the school district saying that a public school has no right to endorse or rehearse any religious material upon its students. The FFRF continues its campaign to remove Christ from Christmas.

A homeschooling family is getting caught up in a legal battle. The Public school’s ISD is asking for documents pertaining to the child such as a birth certificate, Social Security number, etc. However Homeschooling laws in their state say they school has no business needing that information. The family wrote a letter denying the ISD such information, and the school turned around with a lawsuit. The issue with this case is that local authorities are trying to add to a state law already passed by legislature, and the families attorneys are saying the local authorities cannot do that.

Former Nickelodeon comedy actor Kel Mitchell announced that he’s become a youth pastor at a church in California. Kel struggled in his acting career after falling into depression in 2015, divorce and drug usage. He then turned to Christ and now helps other youth at his church. Kel is most recognized as the lead character on the 90’s kid movie, Good Burger.

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