Overcomer Film | Gallup Poll On God | Creation Museum & Ark For Christmas


The faith based film Overcomer stayed in the Top 5 for 3-weekends and grossed $34.6 million, but the Kendrick Brothers say the lives it’s helped change is more worth of a celebration. 50 people accepted Christ after watching it at one theater he tells Christian Headlines. But that’s just one of many stories. The film is to be released on Blue-ray and DVD December 17th, also packed with extra features.

A new Gallup Poll was conducted asking people if they believe in God. The results show nearly 9 in 10 Americans believe in God. However when asked with options like “are you sure, and is it God or a higher deity, the numbers change to 79 percent in the Almighty God, 10% are not sure, and 11 say no.

The Creation Museum will be celebrating “A Christmas Town”. Basically, a festival of lights walk-through, beginning November 29th through December 30th. The life-size Ark Encounter will also host a ChristmasTime at the Ark with ice skating, Christmas buffet, gift shops and Christmas lights.

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