Overcomer in Brazil | Most Generous City | Giving Tuesday

Sean Vaughn December 3, 2019


Overcomer was released back in August here in America, but in Brazil, it was released last month. It even finished number 2 in the country just behind Disney’s Maleficent, and leads Joker, The Addams Family, and Dora. Overcomer is being shown in over 420 theaters and one theater tweeted 100 made a decision to receive Christ.

According to the Barna Report, the most generous Churchgoers in the US live in the middle of Idaho. Nora from the United Way of the Treasure Valley says “Individuals jump in when the call goes out when something or someone needs help.” The town of Victoria, Texas comes in 3rd place.

Well today is #GivingTuesday. After all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Giving Tuesday is meant to bring awareness to non-profits and charities that need your help. Here at Christian Country Radio, we are listener supported, and operate based on the funds you supply. Consider on this #GivingTuseday that you make a donation to 90.5 KJIC, oh and your gifts are tax deductible.

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