Planned Parenthood Tweet | Uganda Man | Balcony Boy Healed

Sean Vaughn November 26, 2019

A post to Twitter by Planned Parenthood saying “abortion is moral, it is important, it is healthcare” of course stirred up the community. Many people responding with their own comments of how it is NOT moral. The post came out after the Medical Director of the St. Louis Region Dr. Colleen McNichols testified during the US House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform proceedings.

A Christian father of four in Uganda, was discharged from a hospital, eight days after Muslim relatives poisoned his food for leaving Islam. Ronald who’s 48, had eaten food tainted with pesticide at a memorial for his deceased father in his village. To make matters worse, local Muslims have also been throwing rocks at his newly built church during Sunday worship. Uganda does allow for the freedom Christianity and Islam.

The 5-year-old boy who was thrown off a mall balcony is now back in school, and walking. He also credits Jesus for his recovery. Landon’s family says, “Thank you so much for praying us home, and please continue to pray for complete recovery as we are still healing.” The man who threw his over the balcony is serving a 19-year prison sentence for attempted murder.

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